Cooking Workshops

alt="a group of people having fun while learning to cook."

The best way to learn is by doing.

So put on that apron and breathe new life into your cooking with a fun hands-on cooking workshop.

Each workshop usually lasts three hours and can be conducted in your home or mine. Choose from completely tailor-made or set menus. If you have ideas or wishes you do not see reflected in the various options below send me an email and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

Premium Tailor-Made Workshop

A Passion For Plants

An in-depth and tailor-made workshop for anyone wishing to shift to a more plant oriented diet. Each workshop is designed specifically for the individual client, making this workshop highly personalized. The workshop focuses on your goals, your requests and your dietary challenges. It takes place in your familiar surroundings, using whatever kitchen setup you have, be it fancy or basic. This method increases the odds of you making healthy dietary changes that will stick.

Set Menu Workshops

An Introduction To The Whole Foods, Plant Based Lifestyle.

The more plants we include in our diet the healthier our bodies and our planet. This hands-on workshop will break down the perceived complexities of the whole foods, plant based way of eating, making it easy for you to switch to a more plant focused diet and take charge of your own health and that of our planet.

Plant-based Desserts.

Learn how to make super delicious and much healthier desserts using only plants.

Cooking With Tofu.

Tofu is a highly versatile and super healthy food. In this workshop you’ll learn all about cooking with tofu, from dips to desserts and everything in between.

Soba Maki With Sesame Crusted Tofu

Plant-Based Japanese.

There is much more to Japanese food than sushi and sashimi and not every dish needs the fish-flavored Dashi broth to create that uniquely Japanese flavor. In this workshop you’ll learn how to put inherently Japanese flavors to good use in the plant-based kitchen.

Mexican Fiesta

With its bold flavors and extensive use of beans, Mexican food lends itself beautifully to be used in the plant-based kitchen. In this hands-on workshop we will create a beautiful Mexican Feast using only plants. Complete with homemade tortilla wraps and a Margarita flavored dessert.

Plant Based Finger Foods

For those who are leaning green it is often a challenge finding plant based options at a cocktail party or reception. Let’s fix that!

* Face to face workshops available in the greater Paphos area of Cyprus.

* Online workshops not yet available. I am, however, working hard to wrap my head around how best to go about that. Stay tuned…