Plant-Based Japanese

Plant-Based Japanese

Since sushi has conquered the world, a lot of people have come to love Japanese flavors. And with good reason, because the Japanese cuisine is exceptionally good at combining complex flavors and at using Umami, a taste best described as a deep savory sensation. But Japanese food is not all about sushi and sashimi and not every dish needs the fish-flavored Dashi broth to get that distinctly Japanese taste.

In this hands-on cooking workshop you will learn how to put those inherently Japanese flavors to good use in the plant-based kitchen.

Option 1:

  • Miso soup with homemade vegan Dashi stock
  • Sesame-crusted tofu with spicy mustard drizzle
  • Japanese noodles with sesame-soy dressing and fresh greens
  • Warm spinach/cabbage salad with miso-sesame dressing
  • Mini matcha mousse cakes

Option 2:

  • Soba maki
  • Nori wrapped tofu with teriyaki glaze
  • Grilled rice balls (yaki onigiri) with pickled ginger stuffing
  • Miso braised leeks, broccoli, green beans or asparagus
  • Fruit sushi